Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Freebie collection

Eret!ka is a great store for skins and clothes and sometimes they give out nice groupgifts. For example this black skin. The top is a hunt gift from ducknipple and the leggins are a summer of love gift from *TuttiFrutti*.Skin: Eret!ka---> Black Julia Gift (0 Linden group gift)
Top: Ducknipple: Milker - Dot blue (0 Linden Addiction hunt gift)
Trousers: *TuttiFrutti* Wkd Painter Ultra Low Legging

The dress is a dollarbie from seldom blue at the icon sim. The flats come from a midnight mania board.

Dress: (SELDOM BLUE) LILIA DRESS - 1L! ( 1 Linden)
Flats: ::Rebellion:: Dolores Ballet Flats - Texture Change Bows (0 Linden Midnight mania)

These trousers have been sent out as subscriber gift from Humby Designs today. The tops are gifts you get for subscribing at !Doux Couture.
Top left: **!DPD says "!Doux Couture is my couture." (Romper black) (0 Linden Subscriber gift)
Top middle: **sweet little says, "!Doux Couture is my couture." (Krisie Corset) (0 Linden Subscriber gift)
Top right: **sweet little says, "!Doux Couture is my couture." (Strawberry Cami) (0 Linden Subscriber gift)
Trousers: Humby Designs : Jeans - brown dot (0 Linden subscriber gift)

This morning it was possible to visit the Summer of Love without getting killed by the lag. There are some nice freebies spreaded around. You have to click or to buy the question marks on the floor. With the item you get notecard with informations to different illnesses.

Dress: aDIVA Couture Misses Jones (0 Linden Summer of Love gift)
Shoes: ..::FadaBebe::.. Envy*Boot-Violet (0 Linden Midnight mania)

I won those outfits at the lucky chair at !Doux Couture the shorts are an other subscriber gift from there.
Dress: !Doux Couture [Lucky Chair][Cutout & Wrap Dress] (0 Linden Lucky chair)
Top: !Doux Couture [Lucky Chair][Argyle Tank] (0 Linden Lucky chair)
Shorts: **RAWR revolution says, "!Doux Couture is my couture." (0 Linden Subscriber gift)

This dress covers everything which should be covered and leaves the rest open. The camera is a pose prop from <> . Both items are gifts at the summer of love.
Dress: *W&D* ILOVEMYSELF Dress (0 Linden Summer of Love gift)
Camera: <>´ FaceSpace Box (0 Linden Summer of Love gift)

I only wear eyes from Sterling Artistry Eyes so i was glad when i found out that the store takes part in the midsummer nights dream hunt. In the pack are three eyes in natural dreamy colours.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Midsummer Night's Dream hunt gift (0 Linden Hunt gift)

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