Monday, July 12, 2010

Hugging Cushions

Testing how it might feel to be pregnant with the help of a cushion. But it does not really work well.
But its a start.

The maternity poses are available at No Strings Attatched. They are named Mother-to-Be and on the description they are made to show the blooming figure but if you are not blooming you could just care for a cushion for example. Besides all cushion jokes those poses are lovely and worth to have a look at.
The dress comes from the Grim Bros. midnight mania board. It has a nice colour and i like the little flowerish patterns.

Poses: 'NSA' - Mother-to-Be (200 linden with mirrored poses, 150 without and 35 Linden for one)
Gown: Grim Bros. : GEMMA EARTH and forest gown boxed gorillagift (0 Linden Midnight mania)

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