Friday, August 27, 2010

As It Relates To You.

IRL to SL.

Today I'm off to go shopping irl. Can you imagine how excited I am to update my wardrobe for fall? I can't wait. Playing with different silhouettes and clothing articles in SL has taught me a LOT about what works best for my own body.

People often think fashion rules don't apply to Second Life like they do in real life. The truth is, we dress our little puppets up very much the same as we do ourselves. Right now there's a lot of buzz about fall season coming up, and designers are turning to more comfortable clothing to suit the seasonal tastes of their customers. As we welcome or bemoan the weather and celebrate holidays, we do so on the grid as well.

Today, let's examine how universal these fashion rules are, whether they be for real or virtual settings. To help with that, I have a video here featuring Nina Garcia from Project Runway. You'll notice the boots she's holding look exactly like a pair I've shown you before. That dress, that cardigan. They look so familiar. Listen to what she says about the placement of belts on your body and what it does for you. These little tips and tricks can help you in SL as well.

Enjoy the video and I'll see you next time. To see more Frugalista vids, click here.

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