Monday, August 23, 2010


My, my, my, lookie what I've got here. You don't even know how excited I was when I came accross this little number. The outfit is called "Housewife" from D-DESIGN regularly priced at 199L but currently a Group gift to celebrate Dani's return. And even though I am nowhere near the domestic goddess I aspire to be, this little ensemble blew my bobby sox over to the next sim and helped me conjure all the magical powers of successful multi-tasking.

Take a look at some of these details; apron, 2 types of hair bows, and thigh-high stockings with lace to keep it all in place.

Ahm..speaking of multi-tasking - I gotta go ;) and you should too. What are you still doing here? Head over to D-DESIGNS now.
Xelyn is wearing:
Outfit: D-DESIGN's "Housewife" (group gift)
Hair: .+*HS*+. Wedding Hair ::FORE:: Black (purchased but the chocolate version was a gift in the past)
Eyes: :: Exodi :: Zbilja Spirit (Sepia)(Lg)(V) (group gift)
Skin: MIASNOW BELLADONNA ~runny mascara (Lucky Board)
Shoes: Lutricias Luxuries, Pumps - Red Chunky w Skull Bows Sculpted (prior Twisted Hunt item)

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