Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Searching for food

A little otter stands in her ship. She smells something tasty so she starts searching. Has her mate left some tasty old fish in a corner?
So she walks to the deck and looks in every corner. But then she sees something big in the water and it looks like a fish.
She waves the big fish. And when it comes nearer she jumps onto it. Now she makes plans how to manage to eat the whale. But even with her sharp otter teeth she does not get through the skin. So she asks the whale to let her ride on him and he agrees.
The Dragonfly gown is the current Lucky board item from Twilight. The dress only has three prim parts which is not much for a complete outfit. The textures are well made and the shading is just cute. The little flower on the middle of the dress makes it unique.

Dress: :Twilight: Tiny Dragonfly Gown (0 Linden Lucky chair)

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