Friday, August 27, 2010

Waiting for the fall

Sitting on the top of a light house and looking around to grasp a peek on the new fall collection from 22769. So spending some time with an outfit named Senta.
Its a steampunkoutfit which could be worn on two ways. Either as adventure outfit with shorts. Or for people who prefer to keep their ankles covered with a long skirt.
The skirt has little golden ornaments and some clocks on the butt. So it might come to some really embarrassing situations if somebody asks you what time it is. But if you always have a watch with you its possible to avoid having to point on your butt.
Dress: 22769 : Senta (comming soon)
Skin: McSkin : *Mcskin Skin*::LuckyB 201008:: (0 Linden Lucky board)
Goggles: K_gs BCH2 Goggles (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)

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