Monday, August 23, 2010

A vested interest...?

Since the delightful Miss Haiku asked me to add a few words, it is my honour so to do.
I am a great devotee of waistcoats, To me they symbolise the elegance of a bygone era, the benefit of extra pockets, but with none of the discomfort of extra cuffs. As such, I am very happy to have found an emporium called XCENTRICITY, purveyors of fine Victorian/Steampuink apparel to the discerning populace, and their sumptuous range of waistcoatsTo start with, above is the "Infernal" waistcoat, in Blood Red, with delicious detailing on the front panels, and coal lapels for that rakish, devil-may-care look, This is one of a pack of 12 colours for $250, or individually for $50 each, so I urge you to purchase the whole set, not just because of the price, but to give oneself so many more options for coordinating with your favourite suit. Under it I wear the "Rangoon" shirt, here in Pearl but also available in Coal, and the free accompanying fall-fronted woolen trouser. The very acme of elegance and style, in my modest opinion.

Above that one can see my companion Miss Charisma enjoyi/enduring a recitation of mine on the harpsichord. She is clad in the "Heterodyne" waistcoat (after a character in the webcomic "Girl Genius"), and I am in the "Impressionista" waistcoat, "Klimt", styled after a painting by the Austrian Symbolist painter of the late 19th /early 20th Centuries. Both, again, to be found at XCENTRICITY, and both exquisitely detailed (the fob and the back of Miss Charisma's have intricate trilobites picked out on them, again a nod to the source material).

XCENTRICITY has branches in Caledon Penzance and Caledon Regency, and I urge you all to visit them with your patronage.


  1. Thanks for your very kind words! My Main store is now in Penzance, Caledon (the Regency location was retired long ago---but some packages might still have the old LM). For the curious, just search my name and check my profile picks. I went crazy recently and marked down most items to 50 Lindens so now's the time to fill in your Victorian wardrobe---before I sober up. Cheers. Nix Sands.

  2. wow the guy in the pic is fucking sexy!~