Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pick Your Poison


It's just pixels.


Shop N326 (in the Love sim) sells cigarettes. Not a new thing in Second Life, but I do love when an object such as cigs are made with such care and knowledge, you'll pay the price set just to have a copy.

The two types of cigarettes included in the product.

See the carts behind me? They all work the same (slight nsfw warning), but come in different designs. You can have fun picking your favorite cigarette label, or try a new flavor you might otherwise never be able to purchase.


The shop carts even have fun decorations. Check out the doctor who actually recommends you light up.


The carton fits in your pocket, so your friends can bum some off of you when they'd like. The owner of the cigarette object also gets their own smoking animation to keep.

Speaking of pockets, check out these jeans from 22769. The Ultimate Jeans, they come in a great array of colors. Three of my favorite shades are shown here:

Snapshot_205 Snapshot_204 Snapshot_206
In order of appearance: Ultimate Jeans original, leather, and black.

Check out 22769 for more great products, as well as the rest of Love sim, a Japanese shopping area with quirky stuff. Both have a lot to offer.


Jeans: 22769 Ultimate Jeans, 70L
Shirt: Beggar's Banquet BBT Shirt 050, Discontinued
Cigarette: Shop N326 Cigarette Box, 326L.

Disclaimer: Smoking virtually isn't going to kill you. But if you're an adult and you still think this is true for real life, there's really nothing I can tell you.

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