Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two freebies before sleep

Just before going to bed two freebies.
**em** have rebuilt their store. There are now two camping chairs in the store. On one of them i won this white lace top. It is very cute. I think its also possible to wear it as dress. Top: ****em**** Crochet Tank top IC BOX (0 Linden 15 mins camping)

Likka house takes part in the twisted hunt. I was expecting a dollie dress but was surprised with a hot black lingerie like outfit. It comes with a vest and some bands for the legs. The hat with the tree was also included in the gift. It is quite heavy but keeps you walking decently and not like a slacker.
Outfit: LIKKA*HOUSE Lonely Night (Female) (0 Linden twisted hunt)

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