Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting ready

A day in the morning coat could make quite tired. So after having nuzzled for hours on the chaiselongue i managed to get over to the make-up table.First i used some lipstick. Of course in red.
Then i put on some eyeshadow.
But somehow it became rather colourful.
So while brushing my hair i got kind of a crisis and had to cry a bit. Because i m so untalented when it comes to makeup.
But i managed to calm down and to put on a decent dress. So after being glad with my nails i tried to put on a makeup again and it worked.
I even found a fitting necklace and decent high heels and managed to get out of the house without more crying. Hopeing that the evening would become a nice one.
The makeup table is from No strings attached. The item is exclusive to Copley Square Merchant Showcase that means its only available there and not in the other NSA stores. It comes with lots of different poses for putting the makeup on or to brush the hair or paint the nails. There are two versions of the table available a white one and one in a dark wood look. And the table comes with many many props. You could rezz and derezz the makeup stuff on the table but there are also props for holding in the hand included. For example the hairbrush or eyeliner.

The morning coat is from a:s:s. I love how luxory and comfy it looks just like any silken morning coat. I also used the guyliner makeup from that store. The flip flops have been in the beat clash hunt and i like them because they have those little skulls. The black dress is from icing and comes with the dragonfly brooch.

From time to time i look around at the KDC Mall. The necklace was on one of the lucky boards there. It comes in two versions (for different attachment points) and has a resize script. The mix of little diamonds and black and white stones is just nice.
Make-up table: 'NSA' Oh Vanity dressing table (light) (200 Linden)

Morningcoat: A:S:S - Oscar - black (95 Linden)
Necklace: KDC cupid onyx necklace (0 Linden Lucky board)
Dress: * *ICING* Femme en Noir (295 Linden)
Flipflops: *deviant girls* : *dg* BCH hotflop (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)
Makeup: A:S:S - Guyliner (20 Linden)

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