Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Short visit at SD Wears

Today i went to SD Wears because i wanted to slap the midnight mania board. I also managed to do that - you have to be quick it has a low target so its always full very early.

I looked around and found this red orange dress stunning. It has some black textures on the skirt and i like the autumn like colours. Somehow it also reminds on a pirate dress. The cut is asymetric and it has a wide opening at the side. This might be very useful for example when you need to let grow the hair on one of your legs this dress would allow you to hide the hairy leg and to show the shaved one. Dress: SD Vestige Gown Sun (175 Linden)

I also got me a sheer top. It comes on the shirt layer. So you could either wear it with a bra under it to show off your underwear. Or you wear it without anything under it. For example if you go to the supermarket and you are in hurry. So men might allow you to go in front of them to be able to see you walking and the women might allow you that to make their guys only see your back. The green skirt is from icing.
Top: SD Mimo Blouse (New York) (75 Linden)
Skirt: * *ICING* Summer Cruise Redux (not free but also not very expensive)

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