Monday, March 28, 2011

Magical Forests

Elain was a wanderer. Searching for something she had forgotten in the centuries of her journey. She also had forgotten her age but still remembered some things from the time when she had been a child. The forest she just visited looked like a typical magical forest, big trees, mushrooms which were much bigger than they should, pillows for the elves and so on. But the walking tree she saw was really surprising for her.
In the magical night forest

Firefall sells well made outfits for roleplayers which could be normaly worn on many different ways. And they got some lucky chairs also in their store. This outfit is one of the prizes on those chairs. It is called Rogue Silver. The prize contains a version of it with a resizescript and one which is mod. The textures are well made. The top comes in three versions with fitting prims for those and also the belt with the skirt could be worn in any different ways. I liked the one with the horn best. It could always happen that you get thirsty during a fight or while traveling so its a good thing to have a horn in which you could carry some water and which could also work as glass. The upper parts of the gloves are made of prims. The legband has a small bag at the side which is also great for roleplay. The pose on the upper picture belongs to the brand new "Spring In Your Step" Poses from { Just A Pose } . Those poses are great for pictures on spring meadows and also work within a forest in autumn.
free roleplay outfit for women
Outfit: **Firefall** Rogue Silver (0$ Lucky chair)
Pose on the first picture: { Just A Pose } Spring In Your Step Poses

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