Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shopping wars

I love this little desk from the Alberto kawaii hunt and this picture is saying to me, get off the laptop and go shop! I've got my bag ready, however as much as  love to shop in SL , I detest it in RL...ok so here comes the rant. In real life you have to contend with the following : getting parking rage before you even start! yes the parking spot that you've patiently been waiting for, gets taken as someone else drives straight in whilst the previous occupier is still reversing out!
 next > indecisive shoppers that are stood dithering over the item that you simply want to take  & pay for! next > escalators! urghh!! you wanna get on but the person in front of you is spending so much time negotiating when exactly is the right time to get on!! what's that about? anyway when they do get on you have the same problem when they reach the top" uh uh when do I get off ?" ..."urghh now because you're causing a mass pile up of bodies behind you!"
next > So you finally find the item you want , yet you can't pay for it because the shop assistant is too busy telling her mate what she got up to the night before, even though she is aware that you are stood there.
Hmm cyber shopping it is then!

Sunglasses: Free > Maschienenwerk
Hair & Hat: L$50 for project themeory > Posh
Top:  L$200 New top - Blossom leaf > Vero Modero
Trousers: L$200 New_ marine low rise bemudas - white > Vero Modero
Bag: Free group gift - clear tote > Coco
Belt: Free menstuff hunt item -  Classic jeans belt > Alphamale
Socks: Free subscribo St patricks day gift > Jane
Shoes: Previous group gift which changed just as i was doing this post gah! > Tokidoki
Desk: Free gift at the Alberto kawaii hunt  > Cheeky pea

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