Thursday, March 31, 2011

[silk on a leash]

We'll tie him to a post
they said
He is dangerous and will
tear you apart
with diamantine claws
Ripping out your heart for
a single moment of joy

We'll tame him right away
they said
Take away his
the talons, the tail and ears
for he'll use them against us
In our brave new world

Where instincts have
no meaning
And individuality is not
I wanted to believe their words
their whispered allegations
considered the truth

[silk on a leash]
Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge - Week 21: White

But every night
he sneaked into my dreams
on silvery paws
with a purr
and his soft whiskers all over
my face

I can still feel his silky fur
underneath my fingertips.

Skin: [-B-] - Fate II
Hair: Magika Hair - Veruka II
Eyes: MADesigns - EYES NATURE ~ Mud ink

Pants: [Sassy Kitty Designs] - Sassy Overall White Suspenders
Cuffs:*BLITZED* - Spiked Bracelet
Collar: [AiTech] - Leather Studded & Spiked Collar

Boots: AVZ ~ Wrapped Boots White
Leo: ::: B@R ::: - White Leopard
Poem: Mine


  1. woow I LOVE this creative :D

  2. cool ... even tho (or maybe because) there's kinda sadness in pic and poem