Friday, April 1, 2011


Fayette was too curious even for a fairy. Wanting to see more of the world than just the forests and meadows she and the other fairies called home. First she enjoyed to see all the new places but after having spend some time in the big city she started to feel weak and sick. Illness was nothing she knew and her human friends told her that she only would have to rest. But it did not help at all. Fayette decided to fight against the illness and forced herself to go to work but this also was not the right way to deal with her problems. Deep in her mind she knew that she simply was at the wrong place, and that it was the city which made her sick but it was hard for her to admit that she needed the nature she had been used to. She prefered to become weaker every day to admiting that she had made a wrong desicion. One day when she was stumbling home she was so weak that she fell while walking. When standing up again she saw the unicorn.
fairy meets unicorn
The white animal forced her to realize what she tried to hide so long from herself. Fayette needed to leave the city as fast as possible. She was at the wrong place and it was the same with the unicorn. The fairy did not even wonder why the unicorn was in the town, she simply obeyed when the unicorn gestured her to crawl onto its back. Feeling the silky fur under her fingers, which were rough because of her work as waitress, made her immediately feel better. She wanted to jump down to stay a bit longer in the city but the unicorn started to run so fast that she would have hurt herself if she would have jumped off, so she stayed on its back.
Unicorn saving a Fairy
The unicorn ran for a long time. After a while it started to walk in a fast but calm way. Fayette fell asleep. Her wings started to glow lightly again and her skin which had been nearly grey in the city looked more healthy. After an other day on the back of the unicorn they reached a huge forest. The unicorn brought the fairy into the heart of it and left her there. Fayette was able to feel the other fairies around her. In the evening they danced together.
fairy feeling better
The unicorn and the fairy dress are two amazing items. They are both available at the two faires which start this weekend.
The fairy dress has the name Whish and comes from Babelfish Designs. The set included the wings and the shoes. Some very well made textures have been used to create it. At the top it has some flowertextures and the skirt has white leaves on its upper part. Of course the dress is not plain white, because of the used shades of grey it looks like a dress in reality look. Babel Fish Designs take part at the fantasy faire. They have their store on the Enchanted Mysts Sim. Muriella Munro the designer of the dress also founded a group which informs about new fantasy items: United Fantasy Merchants.
I fell desperatly for the unicorn from Studio Sidhe when seeing it on the Pose Faire. It is so wellmade and so different. The unicorn comes with 5 inbuilt poses and not only the avatar who is sitting on it changes its position with the poses the unicorn changes as well. It could sit on the ground with an avatar nuzzling at it or stand in four different ways. It is only sold at the posefaire and the fantasy faire at the moment.

Dress: ##<<245 Whish BF-Design (400$ sold at the Fantasy Faire and the BF-Design Mainstore)
Unicorn: :+:SS:+: Unicorn Pose Prop (600$ sold at the Posefaire and the Fantasy Faire)

All the pictures have been taken at Rampart.


  1. Ohhh gosh now I see why you needed the Unicorn .. he is soooo beautiful

  2. Thank you very much. The unicorn is great and the dress is wonderful. The posefaire and the fantasy faire are always amazing to get to know other stores and new people.