Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dream Nails

The sound of nails scratching over the floor woke her up. First Anteia did not know where she was. But then she allowed her glance to wander through the room and she remembered that she was in the house of her lost grandmother.
culto steampunk outfit I
She slowly turned around. Yes, the hat was still on her head no matter how she moved it did not move one bit. So she was really in the house of her grandmother. In her grandmother's opinion every female should wear a hat so with some magical tricks she made sure that hats always looked perfect in her house. But it wasn t the hat which woke Anteia, it were her nails. They had grown overly long during her sleep.
culto steampunk outfit II
Anteia was a dreamweaver. But she was still young. Sometimes the things she dreamed became real which was seldom pleasant. Long nails were bearable. But one night she had dreamed of cookies. When she woke the whole room was filled with them. It had been way more difficult to get rid of them than it was now to get rid of the overly long fingernails.
culto steampunk outfit III
The Frances outfit from Culto is very cute. It comes with a sculpted skirt with several little details like bands on the side and leather straps. The poffed sleves are sculpted as well. The outfit also contains a collar and a hat which of course can be worn seperate with other outfits. The corset comes in a version with and one without garters. The top is worn under the corset so its possible to wear the outfit on a more naughty way. The long gloves belong also to the set. All primparts come with a resizescript. The room with the couch is a pose prop from Miamai. The couch contains several poses and the walls and curtains change their texture on touch. The pose on the third picture comes comes from Purple Poses.

Outfit: *CULTO* Frances - Steampunk Outfit_brown (399 L$)
Poseprop: Miamai_Model Pose_The Victorian Room (500 L$ exclusive at the Vintage Fair)
Pose on 3rd Picture: Purple Poses (10 L$)

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