Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedding invitation

The sound of the high heels on tiled floor echod through the building. But there weren't any patients in the lost asylum and even the last caretaker had been fired five years ago. Now Lucie was scampering through the building. It should have been her who would marry Jonas, not Sarah. She had been with Jonas for such a long time and he had asked her so often to marry him but Lucie always said no. Jonas, well Jonas was ok but she did not want to be bound to him when somebody better would come around and she was sure that Jonas would stay with her anyways. She made so many jokes about him when phoning with her friends and became less careful so that one day he heard her talking about him. He was hurt, but what Lucie wouldn't have expected he was way too proud to show her his emotions. And then he met Sarah, who was just friendly and kind. Jonas fell quickly in love for her and was more than glad not to have to pretend to be anybody he wasn't. And it was so comfy not to have to deal with hidden evilness all the time. Lucie was of course sure that he would come back to her. In Lucie's opinion Sarah was just vulgar and without any class but for Jonas she was the world. When she got the invitation to the wedding Lucie thought that Jonas and his fiancée only invited her because of kindness and that they did not really suppose that she would accept to come. But she wanted him to know what he would miss so she invested into a very expensive and sheer gown. She wanted to look better than the bride. When she arrived at the location which had been on the invitation she had to admit that she surely had been a good teacher for Jonas when it came to evilness.
Pink Gown
The Hilarie gown from Entre Mares is a big partly sheer gown. The long train lets it look impressive in every ballroom. I had some problems with adjusting the primparts to my usual shape but luckily ND/MD released a model shape to their Eboni skin. The dress comes on the pants and shirt layer. The primparts are no modify and no trans and contain no resize script. The dress is also available in light blue, black, gold and white. Entre Mares will have a fashion show at Dec. 3rd 5pm with a special gift for guests. Which will be a great opportunity to see how their gowns look on an avatar.

Dress: [Entre Mares] Hilarie/Pink (950 L$)
Skin: ND/MD EBONI natural Skins natural (990 L$ for one makeup or 1999 L$ for four)
Shape: ND/MD EBONI - TOP MODEL (640 L$ contains 8 versions non mod 1250 for mod shape)
Poses: Purple Poses (10 L$ for one pose)

The picture has been taken at Deviant. There is a lost asylum on the top of the hill. Its worth to explore it.

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