Sunday, November 27, 2011

On the way to the north

Her colleagues hated her but Dr.Dr. Phd. Ignatia Fleckenstein was the most popular and experienced scientist when it came to penguinlanguages. Her parents had been antarctic explorers so at the age of five Ignatia found out that penguins were as smart as humans and that it was possible to learn their language. At that time she evn had the impression that they would be smarter as humans. But as soon as she became a bit older she found out that also penguinparents didn't allow their children to stay up late and to eat as much as they wanted to. After having learned to write Ignatia wrote her famous first book with the title "First words for penguin friends". Of course the scientific community did not take her serious but soon they had to change their opinion. Some more people learned to communicate with penguins and were really surprised about their culture. But somehow they never managed to become as good in understanding them as Ignatia did.
On the way to the north II
I love elegant unique clothing. This dress from Leezu has a very unique cut because of the form of the collar and the black white pattern is calm because of its colours and at the same time very brisk. The skirt is included in three versions and the system parts come on all layers. Its possible to edit the primparts. The gloves belong to the Ansiotropic jacket from Miamai, which I blogged some weeks ago, I really like the primparts. It is of course possible to wear the dress without leggins or tights under it but I choosed to wear it with the dewi pants which also come from Miamai. As the outfit is black and white its great to add some Linkcolour so the red leather boots are a great contrast to the dress and the gloves.
The pose used in the picture comes from Captivity Co. It belongs to a set which will be released soon and has the name Velvet Curtain Collection. That collection of poses is being created for fashion pictures and will be released soon.

Hair: Magika // Veruka II (199L$ for colour pack or 499 L$ for all colours)
Dress: [LeeZu!] Catch Lily Dress /black (450 L$)
Gloves: MIAMAI_[BlackLabel]_Ansiotropic jacket (550 L$)
Leggins: MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Dewi Black (300 L$)
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Red Leather (875 L$)

Pose: [Ca.Co] V.C.C 5 (not out yet but their poses are around 60L$ for a single pose)

The picture has been taken at 22769.

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