Friday, December 2, 2011

Feathered accessories


Here are some items that I have been wanting to blog for a while but have had trouble with SL so I've not been able to take any pictures arghh! don't ask! So i'd better mention the trousers which are the November group gift at 22769 quickly before they vanish! as always 22769 group gifts have a male and female version and Novembers gift includes a lovely woolen sweater not shown in my pic but is still available in store.

The Boots are brand new at Skifija and as always are fabulous quality! They come with a hud which allows you to change colour of every single element of the boot and offers 1 million colour choices! which means you can find a colour to match every outfit. Now if you don't feel that 599L is bargain enough for so many options , worry ye not! as Skifija group members get an exclusive discount of 50% off on Fridays.

Better just mention the hunt items too. This luscious skin is a hunt item from Rockberry and has 4 shade options to suit all . It is part of the peace on earth Hunt more details of which can be found HERE. Also the beautiful feathered headband is part of the Diamond is mine hunt, more details can be found HERE
Happy shopping......

Hair: 0L - Truth district group gift - Becky- clove > Truth
Skin: 0L Peace on earth hunt gift- Apple - tan > Rockberry
Headband: 0L - Diamond is mine hunt item - Vintage bandeau > Fluid furniture
Trousers: 0L - November group gift -  Autumn trousers  > 22769
Belt: 188L - Waist belt - feather > WOot
Armwarmers: 150L - Armwarmers - oak > WOot
Vest: 0L - Intrinsic vests - Turquoise > Jane
Scarf & earrings: 0L-  afghan shawl > Meena
Boots: 599L - Hight Ugg > Skifija

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