Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Inventions

The sun was shining bright through the window and the open door of the hut but Eniko, the little christmas deer inside the building, knew that she wasn't bright at all. She had been sent to get some magical substances which were needed to create a good christmas feeling. But the magician who had been asked to create the substances wasn't at home when she arrived at his house (he was in the mountains where he tried to convince a unicorn that white wine would taste better than red wine, which did not work really well as the unicorn only drank 15 year old Whisky and believed only some dwarfs who used to drink a lot of red wine). After some hours of waiting she got bored and started to explore his house. In a corner she found his hat and decided to test if he would fit her. Eniko really liked how she looked with the hat and she also started to feel slightly smarter. Suddenly she had the idea that the magician might not come back and that she might be a better magician anyways. So she started to experiment. The first substance she created made her feel very warm. Eniko simply dealt with that feeling by taking off some of her clothes. She was really proud on her invention as Santa Claus maybe would be able to work while wearing shorts and a t-shirt if he would use the substance she created. Proud because of her first success she decided to go on with her experiments. She hoped to create a pill which would humans influence to see christmas trees. With that it would be possible to make sure that less trees would be cut to be used as christmas tree. But something went wrong when she tested it. The feeling was the oposite of blushing and when looking into a mirror she saw what happened. Her face was green. Eniko felt deeply embarrassed and silly.
The green pills
There are so many cute and adorable items at the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter event. Wasabi Pills made some very nice unisex hair for the event. It comes with a hat. Its possible to change the colour of the hat and the hatband. There are two colours for the hat and eight for the hatband. Of course its also possible to use the hud to resize the hair. The outfit is the exclusive item from Ducknipple for the event. It consists out of a sculpted top and skirt and pasties and a thong which are worn on the undies/undershirt layer. Its either possible to resize the top with a resizescript or with the normal building menu. Because of this adjusting the sculpted parts is very comfy and alows some fine adjustments with the building menu. *Epic* creates many lovely fantastic items and the hooves they made exclusively for the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter are just cute. The set contains the hooves with brown and black hooves. There is also an attachment included which creates snowsounds. The fur for the legs comes on the tattoo layer and the socklayer. The hooves have a resizescript and are also available in black or as black demon hooves. Stain Cosmetics creates very unique makeup. For the Dark Magic Winter they made makeup which helps to escape boring classes. The set contains several makeups for example noosebleeding, fainting or like on the picture puking.

Outfit: Ducknipple - ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter (95 L$ sold at Zombie Popcorn Dark Magic Winter)
Hooves: *Epic* -ZP Exclusive- Festive Faun Legs {D.Brown} (199 L$ sold at Zombie Popcorn Dark Magic Winter)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Magician Hair (250 L$ Colour Pack, 1500 L$ all Colours sold at Zombie Popcorn Dark Magic Winter)
Makeup: Stain Cosmetics- Skirving Snackboxes (80 L$ sold at Zombie Popcorn Dark Magic Winter)

The pose on the picture comes from Purple Poses and the picture has been taken at Hedgetopia. Hedgetopia belongs to the Isle of Wyrms Simchain which has some really lovely spots to take pictures at.

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