Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Deviance Groupgift

Standing in the forest fighting against the evil. And clothed perfectly in the new groupgift from Deviance, Enchantress.
Deviance have just released the Enchantress outfit. And because of that they have sent the outfit in teal to their subscribers. It comes with a shape but its possible to modify it. I can`t belive that they choosed to give away the outfit in teal as gift, as its the best colour in my opinion.
Outfit: Deviance - Enchantress - Group Gift (0 Linden)


  1. Is it on the subscrib-o or the group?
    Can't find their group and can't get it on the subscrib-o. Too bad. Such a nice outift.

  2. The subscriber board is behind the counter. You still could subscribe there and get also the gifts at the redelievery terminal. I tested it this morning.