Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dreaming of power and influence

Standing in my loft and smoking while thinking of how to increase my influence in the gambling business.
Some of my ideas made me quite excited so i threw my jacket on the bed.
So i look out of the window thinking who i could get my city under controll.

Outfit: MHOH3 #92 - Gentleman Store : Hunter Suit (0 Linden)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Dianthus :: Blush (Starlust Hunt) (0 Linden)
Poses: LAP : Free poses
Gloves: posted

The outfit is in the make him over hunt and it is very well hidden, as there is no hint, i decided to give you this: "have a look in the store to see all the great stuff but the hunt sign is not in the store and so is the hunt item".

The poses are a freebie from Long Awkward Pose [LAP]. I love them very much and im very glad that the owner of LAP put them out as freebie (I wanted to write this for a long time as i always forgot to mention the poses).

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