Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Lady and the Unicorn (dress)

Hoping to attract an unicorn with an unicorn gown. But it didn t work well. This dress is a dollarbie at Grimorio creations. The colour is very pretty. I also adore the texture on the top.
Dress: Grimorio creations : lady unicorn (1 Linden)

Very well to the dress fits this simple necklace with a note. It comes with a good script to modify it. First the normal resize script and then also a recolour script. The script for recolouring has many options.
Necklace: Necklace + Earrings with Music Note [needful PIXEL] (150 Linden)

The necklace comes with fitting earrings. As my hair does cover my ears i moved the earing a bit away from them to make a picture of it. The earrings have also this great script in them.
Earings and necklace are made by Ilse Bellic. She also builds on demand. In the store she owns with Elke Wylie she also sell innocent looking jewlery which is less innocent when using rlv.

Its april now so its time to visit Kouse's sanctum and the lucky dip again. This is one of the dresses i choosed there last month.
Dress: [K~*~S] Diana - Water (Bought with giftcard won at the lucky dip)

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