Sunday, April 4, 2010

Freebie path

In a japanese store i saw a sign "next free ->" near some freebies. I touched it and was surprised when the map opend and i got the opportunity to teleport to an other sim. I was curious so i teleported and landed in an other shop with some freebies. Again there was that sign so i got teleported to a third store and so on. After searching and looking in profiles and so on i found even kind of a center of that path. From there you could start after having picked some free stuff.
So here some stuff i found on the path. I won`t post any landmarks as you could get to all stores on the path.
Dress: +HONEY+ : checkwanpifree
Dress: +HONEY+ : RIBONknit(red)Freegift
Bikini: STARLUST HUNT: [W&B] Frilly Little Set ZOMBIE DAY STRIPES (1 or 0 Linden=
Swimmring: CriCri-FREE ukiwa(wear&touch)

Top: *seikatai* by KB-GIRLS
Pants: *Hani* My room pants Green
Wounds: Pie Hole's Big Ass Creepy Egg (0 Linden Starlust hunt)
Boots: .::Delirium:: Fallen Angel Mens Boots (MHO 0 Linden)
Gun: ("FRAG"); MAR-15 v1.7 (xstreet gift)
Dress: Lunne77 birth dress gift

Dress: LUNNE77 2010 02 gift pink

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