Friday, April 9, 2010

Waiting for the big event

Today at the 9th of april from 6-8pm SLT will be a party with the DJs Jernae Sweetwater and Deviant Zauber at the Grettony sim. Sascha' s Designs has a branch on this sim and sells the red envy gown because of that for 300 instead of 500 Linden today.
There are many ways to wear the gown. I love the shawl on the back very much. It makes an elegant gown even more elegant.
The envy gown comes with lots of different skirts. This is the tealength version.
Or for a evening at the opera a more slim shirt, so you don t force others to stay 3 metres away from you to avoid to step on your skirt.
And for the wild party you could simply pull the long skirts away and take off the straps and its a minidress.
Gown: Sascha' s Designs: SAS - Envy Red (300 Linden instead of 500 Linden)

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