Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Japanese multicolours

Somebody catched the smoking bunny and crucified it. With its telepathic abilities (the ears are antenna) it calls for help.
Outfit: ELL : Beni kunoichi (0 Linden)

The pink heroine is allready getting ready. Yelling her "by the power of rainbows" battle cry.
Outfit: ELL_Cure pink_pack (15 Minutes Camp item)
Paws: blogged

Also the blue heroine has allready transformed shouting "May the makeupgodess be with me".
Outfit: ELL_Cure blue_pack (15 Minutes Camp item)
Paws: blogged

But what is going on with the third heroine? She is only standing around and smokes. Did she maybe even crucify the smoking bunny to steal its cigar collection?
It seems like she did. The face she makes looks to much like she is secretly smirking.
Kimono: Cafe Cloud: Maiko05 (0 Linden)
Skin: Miasnow - White Queen skin (Starlust Egg Hunt 0 Linden)
Eyes: sa_StarlightEyes_Constellation (50 Linden)

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  1. i laughed my ass off on this post
    really brilliant!
    and i love the last skin on you!