Thursday, December 2, 2010

[bleeding plum]

Once again, I'm approaching you with a post for Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge 52 Weeks of Color. This week's colour was plum, and in the end my picture turned out slightly different than I'd planned - my apologies if it's rather artistic than a well of information for you. The hair I'm wearing is the awesome new style "Fronz" from [Anaphora] whose beanie is texture-change and tintable, and the skin is, once again, my current favourite: Kriz from .:Hermony:.

[smothering smile]

Love is just a garotte
cutting deep
from within the shadows
with surprising power
and no chance to escape.

I proudly wear its marks.

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  1. I love artsy photos ... its a great take on the challenge to see the twists! :)