Saturday, December 4, 2010

Visit Santa

Yesterday i went to the Winter Holiday Village and it was just great. I met Santa and was allowed to sit on his lap while Mrs. Santa took a picture of that. Santa was very kind and said that i was a good girl the whole year and then he asked me what i d like to have for x-mas. He promised me that he will make the elfs work so that i get many cookies at x-mas. Im allready looking forward to that....The idea to make it possible to visit Santa in Second Life is just lovely. I have to admit it felt just wonderful to go there and to talk with Santa. And Mrs. Santa even gave me a lovely gift for visiting Santa (pretty earrings).
The Winter Holiday Village is organized by Prim and Pixel Paradise and Raven Keep. Santa often comes around so that people could visit him and sit on his lap (Santa does not come on Mondays and Tuesdays on those days he is busy with keeping the Elfs work - else there would be no x-mas gifts).
Santa is also so kind to use the Prim and Pixel Subscribo to send out a message when he comes around so its a good thing to subscribe there if you d like to visit Santa. On the sim are also some gifts hidden.

The picture has been taken by Mairead Fitzgerald, the owner of Prim and Pixel, and was sent to me after i visited Santa.

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