Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Au Revoir Mashooka

Mashooka is one of the best stores in Second life. Now their are going to take a break of a undefined time (they will still be on x-street). The store is still open at the moment so there is still the chance to get some things from the lucky chair. And to get a great hunt gift.

The top on the left side the mashooka with love from ... hunt gift. It could be either worn with naked shoulders or with a shirt under it. The golden trousers come from Somapop but the pink dress on the right is from one of the Mashooka lucky chairs.
Top: :Mashooka: Sweater off-shoulder {dark} (0 Linden)
Trousers: [Somapop] cc jeans gold (99 Linden)
Right: :Mashooka: Valentina {pink grey} (Lucky chair)

Eret!ka members got this amazing skin today as groupgift. The eyebrows are very well made and the form and the makeup of the eyes is just great. The candy-cane was a subscriber gift from Sanu.
Skin: Eret!ka: 1 lilli/ Eret!ka skin (0 Linden groupgift YaY)
Candy cane: Sanu mini giftie candy-cane (0 Linden subscriber gift)

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