Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pure elegance

Went lost on the way to the theatre. Well went very lost. To a strange not really elegant area. Now watching some workers and pondering if asking them for the right way or not. At least having a candy-cane. So starving will be avoided at the way back to the citycentre. Icing is definitly one of the best clothing stores for women. The creations from there are classic and timeless. Elegant and inpressive without looking like being made for a parvenu. The marilyn dress in violet is new on the icing lucky chair and so is the fur stole. The dress is perfect for looking like marilyn monroe on a picture and the stole just adds a great bonus to the dress. The stole comes with an inbuild ao the pose on the picture for example is one of the stoleposes.

Dress: *ICING* Marilyn - Periwinkle (Lucky chair 0 Linden)
Fur: *ICING* Glam Stole (Lucky chair 0 Linden)

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