Saturday, December 4, 2010


About two weeks ago Ezura released some great gothic clothes for the Ezura Fashionshow. I did not have the time at that point to blog those outfits so i d like to do that now.

For the guys there are great suits available. This is the Renaissance Suit in black red. It comes with a cane and a hat. Its also possible to wear the suit without the jacket. So you could see the collar with the ruffled tie better. The white face tattoo belongs to the set.
Outfit: + ezura + Renaissance *Blood Red Male Suit (L$688)

On this picture you could see the dark version of the Renaissance Suit. It also comes with the hat and the cane.
In this version the shirt with the very gothy collar is white. As in the red version the trousers have a very pretty pattern.
Outfit: + ezura + Renaissance *Dark Male Suit (L$688)

For women is a huge black gown with some extras available. It comes with a headdress with a mix of a veil and a coat. The headdress could also be worn without the veil. The skirt is very wide with a similar pattern on the cloth as on the Renaissance Suits.
Under the skirt you could either wear trousers or stockings with suspenders. Both versions are included in the set. Of course both also work without the skirt. So that the outfit does not only look great while dancing.
Outfit: + ezura + Dark Evil One *Black Set (L$800)

The Shania gown is also available in a Lolita Version. As the long version it comes with an open and a closed version of the veil. The skirt is a short one which could be worn either with or without trails. The colour reminds on a ruby. And of course it works as lingerie without the skirt.
Outfit: + ezura + Shania Lolita *Blood Red Set (L$800)

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