Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dressed to skateboard

The moment before she would jump onto her board. She loved it. Knowing that she would have her board under her feet in the next moment balancing on it. And letting all the guys look like kids on their second day on the board.
tutti frutty zeery 1
Zeery and *tuttifrutti* are two stores which sell and create very colourful items. Zeery is known for their wonderful scarfs (although they also create great tops and more) and *tuttifrutti* makes really colourful trousers. So why not mixing their creations? Those tops and the leggins are the latest release from *tuttifrutti*. The tops all look a bit shiny and have some very small patterns which look like being made of lots of glittering stones. The leggins have very intresting patterns as well. Two of them are covered with comic motives. The one on the left is very colourful. The one between the two comic ones has kind of a wave pattern in very soft colours. The shawls from Zeery look like being wrapped around the body. They are available in many colours although I have to admit that I like the one with teh blood best. It might be a great shawl for roleplayers. The other ones fit well to elegant outfits and make an outfit also more elegant. As seeable on the first picture a outfit which is made to skateboard looks great with a black golden shawl. One pack of the shawls contails two versions of the shawls one with those little bands on it and one without those. Zeery also sells normaly one shawl as cheapie when releasing something new so there is a white/grey version with red and blue patterns sold in the store for only 5 linden.
The skateboard on the first picture comes from my favourite skateboardshop Draneqo. Their boards look great, you could ask them to make you a unique one and which is most important they sell a skateboard hud which could be used with the boards to make tricks.
tutti frutty zeery 2
Top: *TuttiFrutti* Jewel Top -Cooper (90$)
Trousers: *TuttiFrutti* True Love Capri Legging (90$)
Scarf: {Zeery} Silk Silhouette Shawl - He Ate My Heart (210$)
Top: *TuttiFrutti* Jewel Top - Onix (90$)
Trousers: *TuttiFrutti* Spiderman Capri Legging (90$)
Scarf: {Zeery} Silk Silhouette Shawl - Sangria (210$)
Top: *TuttiFrutti* Jewel Top - Onix (90$)
Trousers: *TuttiFrutti* Chillax Capri Legging (90$)
Scarf: {Zeery} Silk Silhouette Shawl - Rouge Violace (210$)
Top: *TuttiFrutti* Jewel Top - Rhodonite (90$)
Trousers: *TuttiFrutti* Thor Capri Legging (90$)
Scarf: {Zeery} Silk Silhouette Shawl - He Ate My Heart (210$)

Scarf on the first picture: {Zeery} Silk Silhouette Shawl - Obsidian Gold (210$)
Skateboard: +DRANEQO+ Sk8Board(Devil Boy) (300$)
Skateboardhud: +DRANEQO+ SK8HUD (300$)

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