Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kouse's Sanctum at fashion for life

A lady standing lonely in the mountains. She rests for a moment from wandering around. Her dress is elegant and maybe not made for the mountains but she does not care at all.
kouse ffl 1
Today is the last day of fashion for life so its a good reason to visit it for a last time. Those three gowns are all donation items from Kouse's Sanctum a great store for dresses for romantic dances or roleplay. The upper one is very festive with the patterns and the mix of the colours is nice. I like the ruffles at the top very much and also the sleeves are pretty unique. They are made using the sytem layer and prims. That is much smarter than makeing the whole sleeves out of prims in my opinion.
kouse ffl 2
The black dress might be perfect for playing a woman who works. It has an apron and small lace pattern at the bottom of the skirt. The corset has a white laceing in the front. The sleeves fit well to the dress. And of course the black textures are pretty well made so that they do look black although being shades of black and dark grey. The skirt and the apron come in several versions. The skirt could be worn short or long and the apron comes in red and purple.

This purple gown has a overskirt which looks a bit like blossoms. The sleeves are made of very fine lace in the same colour as the skirt. And it has a layer of lace which goes over the shoulder. The sleeves are also not directly connected to the dress as at the other two dresses.

Kouse Singh the owner of Kouse's Sanctum gave also a statement why she takes part at fashion for life and does so much for the whole Relay for Life movement. It has been published on the fashion for life site and is definitly worth to read.
kouse ffl 3

1st Dress: [K~*~S] Michelle - Gown - Relay (500$)
2nd Dress:[K~*~S] Jocelyn - Gown - Relay (400$)
3rd Dress:[K~*~S] 2011 Relay - Artemis (400$)

The mainstore of Kouse's Sanctum is at Avilion Peninsula.

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