Friday, March 25, 2011

Miss bargain hunter

There are so many hunts on the go at the moment that I've been so busy doing them and not finding the time to blog them. Today I managed to sort out my sock drawer of an inventory, so todays post is a little collection of a few of my favourite pieces from various hunts, for 3 different looks.

 Hair: L$280 LOK255 > Boon
Top: Free Kawaii hunt item for SMS  ( all pieces of a puzzle must be complete before gifts can be collected) start point here > Alberto Kawaai hunt
Necklace: Free hunt item for the Kawaii hunt > Deco
Shorts: L$2190m high waist shorts > Shampooo
Shoes: Free luckyboard item - purple flats > Honey kitty

Hair: Free inside the bubbles on the beach > Analog dog
Dress: Free  Euphoria hunt item ( looking for a teal letter E group tag required)   > SYS
Shoes: L$ Cheyenne boots black ( group members get 50% discount on fridays) > Skifija

Hair: L$280 - GIC128 > Boon
Dress: L$5 Sonia dress - silver > KKBB
Scarf: L$75 for pack of 31 floret ties  - charcoal > Jane
Shoes: Free smiley face hunt item ( you are looking for a smiley face icon ) > Skifija

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