Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lost french fries

Pouting at a crime scene after some poor french fries with ketchup got spread all over the floor. Its just mean to do something like that. At least none of the ketchup made its way onto the white shirt.
near a crime scene
I spend some time wandering around and found some freebies. Sometimes those shopping sims with all the little stores are just great to find new stores and it was like this this time. The blue dress on the left is a subscriber gift from : Avenir ::. The subscribers of got at xmas and it is still in the subscriber. The dress comes with a blue wrapped skirt which is worn with a lace skirt over it. The white shirt is also a subscriber gift. You get it for subscribing at Mary's Closet. The blue trousers are a dollarbie from NoiRiLiCiouS. They come with a resize script so it is possible to make them fit if they are too large or to small without swearing while standing on a posestand. The black dress is also a groupgift. I think it should be normaly worn like an empire dress. But that lets my avatar always look so pregnant. So i moved the skirt a bit down. The stockings are a hunt gift from in the i need dollar hunt.
three free outfits

Left: :: Avenir :: December 2010 Group Gift (0$ Subscriber gift)
Top: Mary's Closet ;; Group Gift (0$ Subscriber gift)
Trousers: Denim Baggy Shorts NoiRiLiCiouS (1$)
Right: (Slow Kitchen)Fancy_dot_swing_dress (0$ Group gift)
Tights: I need a Dollar Hunt - Shania's Sock shop (1$)

Skin: APHRODITE +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Equilibrium (Fortunes Edition) (0$ lucky fortunes teller)

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