Saturday, March 12, 2011

Smoking in a jacket

Smoking a cigar while thinking about which pictures might fit best at the walls. And not being worried at all about the consequences smoking might have for the health. Being able to smoke rings is a good reason to be proud too.
As much as i dislike smoking in real life i love to smoke in second life. I love elegant cigarette holders, impressive cigars and sloppy cigarettes which hang out of the mouth. And in second life all of this is possible with having to cough, causing cancer and getting smelly hair. So my avatar smokes without feeling guilty at all (as dragon its also natural to smoke). This cigar comes from the gentleman store. It has several kinds of smokes which could be activated, rings, smoke which gets blown out of the mouth or nose or for the intensive smoker it is even possible to smoke out of the ears.
The jacket is the hunt gift from schoen in the fashion for life hunt. I had to look around a bit till i found it. The huntitems in this hunt cost between 10-100Linden. It comes with several versions of the prim parts so it was not needed to adjust it. The texture is quite unique and it goes very well with black.
I think i blog the rest of the outfit quite often, i really like it. Its from devious mind and normaly for dancing on a stage or to lay around on a pretty red couch.
hunt jacket with something completly different
Jacket: (::Schoen:: Leopard Jacket (Ladies) (fashion for life hunt) (50$)
Cigar: was a huntgift a lont time ago from Gentleman but they sell similar ones at NikotiN for 399$
Outfit: !dM deviousMind: "MmeChatouille" *Black* (750$)

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