Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dandelion Goddess

Arene was not the best fertility goddess. As much as she enjoyed to walk through the meadows and to spread fertility she was not really good in it. The only flowers which appeared under her feet were dandelions. On a good day she managed to let a daisy grow but normaly the only thing her feet managed were dandelions. She also always forgot her cornucopia.
fertility goddess 1
Arene never cared much about the humans. She stayed in the meadows walking around and spreading dandelions. She had tried to visit some parks but the gardeners always did their best to chase her away. It made her unglad but somehow she understood that they did not want to have dandelions between their highly awarded tulips and roses.
But one day she got attracted by a smell she had never smelled before. Not needing food she had never eaten something before but now her attention got caught by something round made of flour with chocolate chips in it. The fertility goddess grabbed the cookie and before knowing what she did, she put it into her mouth. Her knees became weak when her tongue got in contact with the chocolate chip cookie and she needed to sit down. Closing her eyes she savoured the taste. Waves of sensations ran through her body it was undescribable. Shivering she finally managed to chew and to swallow the cookie but the process had changed her.
goddess discovering cookies
To calm down again Arene walked to the beach. The goddess normaly used to walk fast and elegant but now she was only able to walk slowly, she even needed to hold herself at a stone from time to time. But she made it to the water. Sorting her throughts she stared into the waves then made a surprised face when feeling something strange under her. She had started to spread cookies with her feet instead of dandelions.
fertility goddess 2

Fallen Gods has released new fertility goddess themed skins. And the lucky fortune teller is back. The price is the ANHUR skin for men and for woman the APHRODITE skin. Both skins have a big piece of colour over one eye and come with tintable eyebrows. Of course they look great and are well made.
The lucky fortune teller at fallen gods is always funny. Although its maybe not the best place to visit with a boyfriend or girlfriend, it might have bad consequences if you only get a soulconnection of 30%. But on the other hand if you are single you could maybe meet your true love there. It is only a bit strange if you find out that you have more than one true love.
The outfit i used for this entry is the Dragon Slayer outfit from Ezura in teal. I blogged the black version some time ago.

Skin: APHRODITE +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Equilibrium (Fortunes Edition) (0$ male skin included in the set which is winable at the lucky fortunes teller)
Outfit: + ezura + Dragon Slayer *Teal Set (488$)

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