Monday, March 7, 2011


In the evening she dived into the air. Everyday she managed to spend a bit longer out of the water. It was exciting. When starting she only managed to stay a few seconds out of the water but now she could stand half an hour at the shore. Feeling the air moving her hair and enjoying the feeling of the sunbeams only filtered by clouds.
Corral gown
Caverna Obscura has always great items on the lucky boards. And i wished so much that i would manage to win this Coral gown. I was lucky but not because of waiting, the Caverna Obscura group is very nice and often somebody posts the letters of the lucky board in the groupchat so i got a teleport and won. Thank you so much girls.

The gown itself is wonderfully textured so that it looks like corals. On the skirt are shells and those are also on the upper parts of the sleeves. The skirt has two layers one with the coral texture and under it is a layer of lace. The lower part at the sleeves (around the hands) is also made in this way.
Caverna Spider dress
This spiderweb dress is also on the Caverna Obsucra lucky board at the moment. It is open at the sides and very sensual. The primparts of the skirt float nicely and are sheer. My knowledge about drow roleplay is not the best but i suppose that every admirer of Lloth might look good in this gown. The textures of the shiny stones of the systemlayer parts are also extremly well made, but thats not really surprising as the textures from Caverna Obscura are usually great.
dreaming in the sea

Gown: Caverna Obscura: Coral Reef Gown 2.0 box (0$ Group Lucky board)
Dress: Diamond Webs Gown ~BLACK~ by Caverna Obscura (0$ Group Lucky board)

The Caverna Obscura group is a group for the customers of Caverna Obscura so it is not a group with an open enrolement. To join you need to have bought an item from Caverna Obscura for at least 250$. Send the transaction information to Elvina Ewing the owner of Caverna Obscura and she will add you to the group.

I took the pictures at two sims i really like. The one with the spiderweb dress has been taken at Cape CoLA. It belongs to the Lost Angels sim chain. As the people who live there shoot before talking if they do not know the ones who are on that sim it might be better not to go there.
The pictures of the Coral Gown have been taken on a friends sim. It is a wonderful tropical sim. Normaly im not a big fan of those as there are so many of them but this one is just great. Very well made with beaches, a underwater house and i also saw a great waterfall. The sim is named L'atoll d'Arsene et Missy, Eternal Sun. You could visit it but keep in mind that it is a private sim and a home of somebody.

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