Friday, March 11, 2011

Women in Uniform

She always wanted to be the captain of the ship. So she worked hard and finally she managed it. And her new uniform was just great. But even greater was the cabin she got now. It was big and it even had a window. Unfortunatly she had to tidy it herself. But that was a doable task.
fierce first mate
Fierce has released some uniform like and very hot outfits. As my avatar is not the tallest i used a shape from for the pictures. The uniforms could be lot of fun. For example for playing a bit mean female police officer. The outfit even comes with a truncheon so its easy to beat annoying people a bit. The police uniform could be worn either with a belt or with the skirt like on the picture. The officer outfit on the upper picture is a skintight white dress with fitting boots and a hat. Of course the police outfit also comes with boots.
fierce police uniform
Upper picture: Fierce**The Officer (female) (299$)
Lower picture: Fierce**Arrested (female) police uniform (325$)
Shape: Shine : Lana (500$ comes with the skin on the police picture)

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  1. I love the new looks on you; blond or redhead it suits you very well. The uniforms are really good as well.