Friday, May 13, 2011

The golden ones

They were sitting on their favourite rock. Close their fins lightly moved by the water. They belonged to the same kin. The marvelous and rare golden merrows. It was not recognizeable but they belonged to the fastest swimmers. Their tailfins were so strong that they were able to jump like a dolphin. And they were agressive. Sometimes they dealt with other mer but this was seldom. Their kin lived in flat water only about five metres deep so they dealt more often with humans. The beaches in the area where they lived were normaly empty, only sometimes tourists, who had no clue about what was hiding under the calm surface of the sea, were missed. If the merrows were lucky those tourists had waterproof cameras. They really liked taking pictures of each other.
22769 takes part in the supernatural hunt. As one of the owners of this store likes spending time as merrow they made those wonderful avatars as huntgift. The avatars come with skin, shape, eyes, the outfit and even an animation overrider. Of course it is also possible to use your shape with the outfit. The colours of the fins are very lovely. The idea to make fins to replace the hair is great. It lets the avatars look much more like merrows might look.
I found the pose in a store called Yaya Creaciones. It is worth to have a look at this store as they have many couple poses and they are surprisingly unexpensive.
Underwater love

Avatars: 22769 supernatural huntgift (0 L$)
Pose: * Yaya Creaciones * : Animate Mermaid Hug (10 L$)


  1. Never heard of this hunt but I'll be sure to look it up. Love the avatars and the storyline.

  2. Hello Salvatore,
    there are some nice stores in the hunt as far as I know. The website of it is here:
    They only have one official blogger that is maybe the reason why you did not hear about it yet.
    But Pips Freebie Fantasy has nearly daily a new blogentry about the hunt you might like to have a look at that blog.

    Thank you for reading. Im glad that you liked the storyline. I did not feel very creative when writing it.

    <3 Dagmar