Saturday, May 14, 2011

Skate N surf hunt

Skate & surf

Ok everybody the Skate N surf hunt starts today so get your skates on! or skateboard or even surfboard! lol. There some absolutely amazing items in this hunt I've got so much to post! eeeek! find our more Here where the landmarks & hints are also you can join the inworld group for more information & help.Oh just so you know, you're searching for a surfboard.

This is is the best unisex hunt i've ever experienced, with many stores offering both male & female options. I will post more of the items from the hunt , but first I wanted start with this great shape from CS Shapes, only once have I ever changed shape for a blog post, but I love the Lana shape so much that I may have to perminently keep this shape it's so perfectly proportioned! and also shows of this cute bikini from Splendeurs surfwear to the finest! so a great place to start!

Hair: 100L Chinatsu - Onyx >D!va
Shape: 0L- skate N surf hunt item Lana shape  > CS shapes
Bikini: 0L skate N surf hunt item  > Splendeurs surfwear
Bracelet: 0L skate N surf hunt item cascading ripples bracelet > Frippery
Sunglasses: 0L from Maschienwerk  please note that this store seems to be in the process of moving
Feet: 99L delicious trotters > Skifija
Pose: 0L- skate N surf hunt item > SocialANGtz

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