Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Waiting by the fountain at midnight


I look pretty fed up of waiting by this fountain too don't I? and still to be there at midnight! and why would a lady be doing such a thing?  the mind boggles doesn't it , well answers on a postcard please i'd be most interested to see some possible explanations hehe.

I love this rather bohemian look, the top, skirt & bracelets are all part of one outfit at Paris Metro I just adore the colour & texture of the skirt. The store is awash with pretty dresses & gowns, there is currently a lovely purple gown subscribo gift too. The store will be having a great promotion at the moment too where all outfits are set to 200L!! go grab some now! this one is usually set at 600L.

Loving this hair at the moment which available  at [69] for 50L for a limited period only in blonde though, other colours available at 300L. Oh and to complete the look a new scarf! you know I have a penchant for scarves and I couldn't love these new lacey ones at artME more!

Hair: 50L Olivia -  sandy blonde > [69]
Scarf: 150L - summer scarf - roseknit > artME
Outfit: 200L Bohemian Rhapsody > Paris Metro
Ring: 0L subscribo/group gift ( look in history) > Villena
Fountain: Comes with 2 sweet loveseat style benches > Zoe's garden

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  1. Ohhhh it is wonderful i love how your blog! Thank you so much xox