Friday, May 13, 2011

[white and gold]

Your favourite club announces a 'toga party' as an upcoming event? You are involved in roleplay and need something to show your legs off? Or do you simply need a breezy garment for spring and the upcoming summer? Search no more, since Bare Rose offers this nice toga for free! It comes in male and female version and consists of shirt, glitchpants, skirt, socks and a sculpted knot to fix it on your shoulder, and you can find it in their freebie corner next to the landing point.

[white and gold]

Also free during May, and also in the colours white and gold is this beautiful underwear freebie from VITAMEN. So sexy that you just want to roll around on the floor and enjoy the feeling of tight fabric on your skin. :)

[white and gold]

Toga: ::: B@R ::: - Free Toga
Underwear: VITAMEN - Monthly Freebie on May2011

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  1. Oh wow those pictures are hot. If you are ever bored you could lay like this in my house. I won't disturb you.