Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy RezDay Likka House!

So if you haven't checked out Likka yet, shame on you! You've got such great outfits just merely a hop skip and a jump away! With prices WORTH that jump! Its a rez day sale over there, and let me tell you, these outfits are hooooot! And quite snazzy too. I've taken the liberty to photo a few of the outfits awaiting you!

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And here we have Dolothy, a nice little striped top with a long and very swishy skirt. Comes with a cute little choker and a broach to add that little dab of sophistication.

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Ahh Blanca, who can't help but look innocent and pure as the driven snow in this frock. Its topped with bell sleeves and lace in all the right places! And topped with a pair of wings found in the same store!

Last but not least my favorite of the outfits I've shown. It might be the pink checkered top, or the adorable top hat, but this outfit has it all dark gothy feel with class.

All photos were taken with
Skin: Plush(Gothic 0-Classic) 50L - Sn@tch
Hair: Kalea in Wild card colors Blueberry, Blizzard and Candy. 250L for the pack from Exile
Shoes: Refined 175L from Favole
Shape: Personally tweaked for that personal touch.
Outfits: All outfits were 25L each, except the wings in Blanca which were 5L from Likka House

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