Sunday, May 8, 2011

Out shopping


I'm always out shopping for great items as you know, yet got a little sidetracked today and became part of a Flash mob, do read about it for your amusement and a great free unisex jacket! so I was out for a nice party dress, but picked up these little beauties along the way. Can you believe this amazing skin is on a luckychair, look at those lips , I even want to kiss me!

 The glasses are a group gift with full perms so you can adapt them to your liking. This jacket is amazing isn't it?! I love the style but the detail, that's what I love about Vero Modero stuff the incredible detail, but it's also transferable (non copy) so a great place to but some gifties for your dearest. Oh and what did I have in my shopping bags? this lovely dress below and the rest? well you'll have to find out....soon... ;P

Tiger dress

Hair: 0L Group luckyboard > Heart softens
Skin: 0L Luckychair - Lae skin > the oBscene
Glasses: 0L Group gift - retro glasses > Urban warehouse
Jacket: 300L - glad jacket - brown > Vero Modero
Top: 0L - jingisukan t-shirt > Sheep door
Jeans: 250L NW jeans two tone > Vero Modero
Shoes: 0L   >Peephole

Dress: 600L - tiger dress > Vero modero
Shoes: 149L - Andromeda heels > Skifija