Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Hunt Madness

Spring had finally sprung!
Crawling out of the darkness of the winter, at last the short frosty or gloomy days and the long icy nights were banished to memory as green shoots of new life emerged.
The grumbling of the dark months, wrapped up to the neck with thick woolens, so comfy, yet so cumbersome was over, she pushed those to the back of her closet, and kicked the warm scarves and hats under the bed. Sunlight, warm Spring sunlight was flooding through the window, it was time to step outside, and feel the soft new grass under her feet.
Tying up her hair, she picked through clothes selected as part of a hopeful dream back in the winter, thrilling at the lightness of the fabrics, and their promise of long happy days relaxing outdoors. She slipped into a dress, itself the colour of sunshine, unable to prevent a smile as its flowers seemed to smile back.                                                       DSM2 Throwing the door wide she ran outside, bare feet on the lush grass. The scent of daisies drifted lightly on the air, calling her to the bench in the sun, its planters thick with blooms. Stretching out, she relished the sun and its warmth on her skin, and settled back on the cushion, a soft sigh escaping her lips as swallows flitted overhead.

DSM1 Another week, another Hunt! 
The Depraved Nation Spring Madness hunt is gridwide, and contains some amazing stores, items included here are among the prizes you can expect. There are around 150 stores, and the hunt is running until April 15th, the hunt prizes are free to buy. SLurls to all the stores in order, and hints (yes Hints - manna from heaven after the Twisted). 
Prize items are mostly for females, but there are unisex and male prizes from quite a few stores, and with items as varied as skins and shapes, poses, clothes, furniture and buildings. Those listed here are all prizes from the hunt - with the exception of the hair - also available free as a group gift - details below.

Skin     : S u g a r : Summer Afternoon Teaparty -C- :2:
Shape     Waffle! Sienna Shape
Tattoo     S (and) P Body Shop - Depraved Mind Tattoo
Eyes     [kirei] Oasis Blue - Eye-
Dress     [ SAKIDE ] Plumeria Dress Yellow
Necklace     Trident Astrolabe Pendant [Silver/Sapphire]
Pose (Image 1)    PicMe Poses    PM - DSM 2.0 hunt pose 5
Wall Decal     Sharkfin Landscapes   Swallows back in Spring Wall Decal
Bench    L'aize Dayz   LD Planter seat

Hair   (Not in the DSM Hunt - but current free group gift, available by hitting the subscribo in store)
[Shag] - Pretty Please - vodka

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