Thursday, March 22, 2012

Divine Blues

She used to be a member of the Sapphire Tribe, she remembered that very well. Many, many aeons before her world had been vivid, happy and busy… she could hear the voices of men and women and children every evening she climbed up on top of the Tower, in order to taste a bit of everyday life before she had to commence night service, as usual. She had been taken from her family in order to serve the Goddess at the tender age of a hundred and fifty years… oh yes, she still remembered the excruciating pain. Her mother and siblings had been inconsolable… or so she thought, as she hadn’t talked to them any more. Rubbing shoulders with „ordinary” folk wasn’t permitted to the Selected One. 

Blue Moon
She was carefully educated by the Elders, and after five hundred years of apprenticeship she was allowed to raise the Moon all alone for the first time. She still got goosebumps at the memory of that very special night. Then… something went wrong. Slowly, yet without any doubt whatsoever. At first, she noticed that the evening buzz and humming and chattering of the city became weaker day by day. People just disappeared from the streets, the murmuring sounds seemed to grow dimmer, and dimmer yet. Then, one evening… all she could hear from the Tower was silence. 

Moon Priestess
She was shocked… but she remembered she had taken a solemn oath to serve the Goddess and raise the Moon each and every night, until Death decided to come for her. She was alone, her only company were the memories and the ghosts of the past, yet she climbed up on top of the Tower, and silently whispered an ancient prayer before she touched the chilly globe. „Raise, Moon, and spread your rays... I shall always be here to welcome you when your duty is done.”

Dress: MysticHope „Bellanya Blue & Aqua” - Lucky Chair prize (0 L$). You need to be a member of the MysticHope group, but it’s free to join and Kira Lavendel is very generous indeed with the gifts. There are several chairs in the shop, both for men and women, and there are many prizes on each chair, so go and try your luck.
Boots: FJ Design Foxy Boots – it is a formal hunt gift, currently available in the shop for 499 L$.
Necklace: Talevin’s Designs „Beaded Blue Triple Moon” Necklace - Lucky Chair prize (0 L$).
Skin: PixyStix „Her Beauty”- The Beauty & The Freak Hunt gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until March 24th.
Eyes: Tribal Soul „Magnus” Eyes in Black (35 L$).
Ears: InSpired Designs „Celestial Elf” Ears - Take Back The Night Hunt gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until March 31st.
Hair: $Ganked$ „Lovely Hair” in Charcoal – fatpack of 5 shades, available on the Marketplace (200 L$).
Wings: Destiny’s Designs „Spring Fae Wings” - Depraved Spring Madness 2 Hunt gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 15th. 
Nails: Sterling Artistry „Raindrops Light” (it’s a former monthly freebie, the currently available „French Cloud” manicure is very similar - 10 L$). 
Poses: Magnifique Poses Model Pose No. 1 in the first picture (it is a formal hunt gift, and I’m sorry but I can’t tell if it makes part of any currently available model pose pack); Del May „Virgo” in the second picture, it’s a Twisted Arcane Hunt extra gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until March 31st. 

The pictures were taken at Pteron.

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