Monday, March 19, 2012

Tick Tock

„If I can’t scratch my nose in a second, I’m going to die on this spot” – thought Clicketina Tock, and wriggled her nose anxiously. But when you are Universal Vice Manager of Time, you cannot just jump around and do somersaults. You accidentally push an hourglass attached to your dress, and the people living in Australia, Peru or Luxemburg realise that there’s something seriously wrong with time. A second ago they were eating lunch and suddenly it’s deep night, or they were slumbering comfortably and now there’s midday sunshine pouring into the bedroom. „Damned Chronos!” – thought Clicketina angrily. After hundreds of thousands of years of service, her boss suddenly decided to go on holidays… and, given that the length of his accrued vacation time was about fifty thousand years, Clicketina wasn’t expecting to see her boss very soon.
„How dared he leave me here, all on my own!” – grumbled Clicketina silently. „He had a great assistant, me, and now I don’t even have a third-class candidate for temporary apprenticeship to help me, and my nose itches like hell!” Clicketina tried to resist, but the itch was stronger. She started sneezing… and the people in Australia, Peru and Luxemburg fell out of their beds or dropped their spoons and looked around in utter confusion. „This is the end of the world!” – some people thought anxiously… while it was only Clicketina Tock rubbing her nose with a beatific smile on her face, and she felt she was the happiest creature in this wide, endless Universe.
The „Fashion for Life” shopping event is on until March 20th, and my fellow bloggers have already shown you many beautiful items from the fair. The splendid „It’s Time…” gown-hair combo was created by Mirja Mills for EMO-tions, and it’s available exclusively at the fair – so I suggest you hurry, because each and every Linden you pay for it is spent for a truly good cause.

Outfit: EMO-tions „It’s Time…”, including the hair and hat – „Fashion for Life” exclusive item (300 L$).
Skin: Style by Kira „Lulu” skin in „Steampunk Bronze” - Steam6 Hunt gift (0 L$).
Lipstick: Gugu Dada „Tigress” - Steam6 Hunt gift (0 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Feral Eyes in „Embers” (65 L$, the 6-pair pack is 260 L$).
Nails: Sterling Artistry „Gold Silk” (10 L$).
Pose: Sterling Artistry Emoting Hands No. 5 in the first picture (30 L$ for a single pose and 250 L$ for the 10-pose pack), Glitterati Long Hair 4 in the second picture (it was a formal hunt gift, now the single poses are available for 50 L$ and the 10-pose pack is 250 L$).

The pictures were taken at Hazardous, the latest build of Wendy Xeno.

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