Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stars that appear as beads


It's a bugger when you're a blogger and your computer just doesn't want to play! I'm in the process of raising funds for a new one though and so hope to be blogging at full capacity some time soon, but for now I have to work around an unstable viewer and horrible glitches. My main concern is not being able to see mesh, which is fine for most part but annoying at times such as today when I put on my lovely new Stardust hair by Pomme d'Amour only to realise that the little 'beads in my hair which I didn't notice on the vendor pic are in fact cute little mesh stars & it really does look a lot lovelier with stars so don't take my word for it go take a peek.

Hair: 120L - Stardust - sparkle blonde > Pomme D'Amour
Skin: 790L -  Sophia - Coffee - shiny lips > Beauty code
Shirt: 50L - Classic blouse > !1MM
Jeans: 70L - Pocket denims > !1MM
Boots: 0L - Curvy kick boots - Depraved spring madness hunt item > Duh
Bag: 0L - Ribbon bag - valentine special > Zephyr
Belt: was a Fashion Garret special but there's a whole host similar belts > Pepper

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