Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fashion For Life 2012

For her, as usual, the darkness was everywhere, the flashbulbs bursting all around lit her beautifully, but showed her nothing of those watching.
Not that it mattered, it was her they had come to see, and she was there to be seen after all. No mere red carpet, this was the runway of the year, all eyes were on her.
Against the spangled backdrop, the red of her hair stood out like a splash of freshly spilled blood, its motion as she moved, as fluid as the sanguine liquid it resembled, carried the illusion further. As the cameras clicked, the whispers began..
                           "Who is she wearing?"
                                                        "The cut of the silk, so daring, so new, so now!"
The soft voices of the fashion and gossip reporters were soon drowned out, along with the scratches of sharp pencils on paper, frantically sketching the dress. The louder, hoarser voices of the photographers
covered all others with shouts for her attention, trying to make her turn this way, then that, looking for the shot that would bring their money for the year.
Dropping a hip, slouching a shoulder, she gave them what they wanted, the midnight blue of the silk caressing her every curve. The designer's skill cut the cloth so it shone under the lights, careful and intricate pleats added drama to the gown,  the sections woven finer gave movement even as she posed. She would never pose for long, this brief outing was all it would take for the gown to become the sensation it was designed to be.
Crossing her arms across her chest, as if in some fundamental move of protection, she had their attention, this had not happened before. All sounds died away as she parted her lips, preparing to speak in her low voice, one that carried through the crowds...

   "In all of the darkness, there is a light shining. The light is people doing what they can to help."

AZUL Fashion For Life 

This is the -Azul- Marcela gown, in Sapphire, a colour exclusively available at the Fashion For Life 2012 event.
As a dress, it is truly beautiful, the colour is rich, and accented with black on the pleats. It involves a system skirt, which usually would have me sighing and resigning it to the 'will never wear' pit at the bottom of my invent. System skirts never work with my shape, and I do hate to change my shape.
For this, however, the creators have very helpfully included a notecard with details of shape measurements to make the system skirt look its best. So, here, the ass is a lot smaller than usual, and I'm a bit knock-kneed (though you can't tell). Most importantly, even with the suggested alterations, it still looked like me. Big plus. 
The biggest plus, of course, is that as part of the Fashion For Life event, the proceeds from the sale go to the American Cancer Society. Fighting cancer, bit by bit, in each and every country is a goal everyone can get behind.

Dress : -Azul- Marcela in Sapphire, exclusive to Fashion For Life 2012

Other items of note
Hair : (r)M ~ Hair No.09 (f) Brocade Red
Nails : Rozoregalia *Gemma*Ring&Nail/3*(F):Ring&Nail1

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